Soldering Part 1

So this week I started soldering the LEDs together. I began by placing them in the holes around the outside of the diffusor. I then oriented all of the LEDs in the same direction so I could make sure I would solder the ground prong on one LED to the ground prong on the LED next to it, and the same idea for the red, green, and blue prongs as well. I bent the LEDs prongs to the shape that they would be soldered in to fit into the casing.

Ready for Soldering

I then began soldering them together prong-by-prong and LED-by-LED. I decided to solder them in groups of three because the LEDs prongs in one group of three aren’t long enough to reach the group of three next to it.

Soldering Set-up

So, because I need 24 LEDs to light up this arc reactor, I needed eight groups of three LEDs. Soldering these LEDs together, with four prongs per LED was a huge affair that took around 2 hours to complete.

Group Positioning 

I tested each group of three LEDs as I finished soldering them with a coin cell battery to make sure I didn’t have a short in the circuit and to test out the solder joints. Once I got all eight groups of three LEDs soldered and glowing, I placed them into the diffusor and placed the diffusor into the casing. It’s a tight fit but hey, at least it’s in there.

Full in Circle  Full in Casing

The next step is to connect the eight groups of three LEDs to each other somehow, tape everything up with electrical tape, and run wires out to my arduino board to light it up.

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