My First Time 3D Printing

After being in this Tinkering, Hacking, and Making class for a couple of weeks I really wanted to dip my toes into 3D printing. I decided to start with something small without overhangs so I didn’t have to use supports. I decided on a Spock-octopus, aka Spocktopus, that I found here on Thingiverse.

Spocktopus Thingiverse

I downloaded the .stl file onto my computer and opened it in Dremel 3D, the software that will take a 3D object and code it to transfer to the Dremel 3D printers we have in our lab for printing. In Dremel 3D I played around with the size of the Spocktopus and the quality of the build. I decided on a size of about an inch tall and a build quality of high. I ended up with a build time of about an hour and a half. I also decided to print it with white filament so I could paint it when it finished printing.

Spocktopus 1

This is at the very beginning of the print. Only his legs have been printed but I was still getting super excited.

Spocktopus 2

Here is a close-up of the print. This was taken about half-way through the print when it started to look like a Spocktopus.

Spocktopus 3

It’s almost done! the Spocktopus has a face and the distinct Vulcan ears that make it special.

Spocktopus 4

It’s done printing! The excitement is over but left in it’s wake is a beautiful, yet not quite finished, Spocktopus! The only thing left to do now is clean up the places that didn’t come out perfect and paint it.

Spocktopus 5

I was going to paint it with acrylic paint but decided against it because I was too lazy to take the time to paint it and let it dry. I also knew that painting it would be a struggle since I don’t exactly have the steadiest hands in the world. I ended up experimenting with Sharpies to “paint” it because I was curious if it would work or not and I REALLY wanted an excuse to use my Sharpies. It turned out well and I love it. Now that it is completely finished, I have a cute Spocktopus that will keep me company. Live long and prosper guys!

2 thoughts on “My First Time 3D Printing

  1. Way cool. Just watched an episode of “The Big Bang” called Spocumentary, your piece would be a big it with Sheldon.

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