Final Project Proposal

After searching the web and thinking about time limitations for this project, I have decided to make an Iron Man arc reactor for my final project. I originally found this project on Thingiverse, here, but realized there were no instructions for it. So after looking around for a bit I also found instructions on instructables, here, that I can combine with the 3D printing model from Thingiverse.

I am excited to work on this project because it will combine 3D printing, electric circuitry, and arduino coding. I will 3D print the mold for the arc reactor, making the outsides black/grey and the center piece clear to dissolve the light shining through it. I will be wiring LEDs throughout the clear piece and connecting them to each other, a battery, and to an arduino board. I will also be coding in arduino to make the lights shine in different patterns and colors. Luckily I have, almost, mastered 3D printing and will be starting that part of the project soon. I have also had some experience wiring a breadboard in CPSC 305 with some of my friends in the computer science department here at Mary Washington. You can find a review of this class, written by my awesome lab partner Kris, here. I am in the process of learning how to code in arduino through some YouTube videos I found here. I’m only about halfway through watching all of the videos in the series but am sure I will still learn a lot from them.

I am super excited to begin working hands-on with this project. I am a super nerd and love Marvel comics. Iron Man also happens to be my favorite Avenger and I have always wanted to buy some of his light-up gear but I think I will enjoy making one more than buying one. Once I finish mastering 3D printing, I will be moving on to printing the parts for the arc reactor. As Iron Man would say “you gotta run before you can walk”. Wish me luck guys.

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