Final Project…For Now

I’m officially as done with this project as I can be before the due date. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to wrap all of the exposed wires with electrical tape so I don’t get any shorts, which is why the blue color looks a little too green at the moment. I also didn’t have time to cut out a hole or slot or something for the wires to come out of so they are sticking out of one of the holes in the coils on the top. However, I have decided to print out another diffusor that is the same size as the bigger casing and coils that I had to print to fit this monster together and move the RGB LEDs to the bigger set of pieces that I printed. If I end up implementing this, then I will need to re-solder everything and can tape it up and cut out proper holes when I’m done with that process. I would then be able to put plain white or blue LEDs, or maybe both, in the smaller set of pieces that I originally printed out and have one Iron Man arc reactor that can change colors and be really cool and another Iron Man arc reactor for wearing as a Halloween costume eventually.

Here is the latest and greatest video of this thing put together and flashing according to the code that I uploaded to my arduino board:

Overall, I really enjoyed working on this project, even though it was extremely tedious, and am pleased with the output. Even though it’s not perfect, yet, I love it so much and am proud of myself for accomplishing this hefty task while on a time limit. I can’t wait to keep working on it over the summer and will try to keep you guys updated on how things are going, even though it is no longer a requirement for a class.

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