Experimenting with Circuits

The next step in my Iron Man Arc Reactor project is to play with some simple circuits. This exercise helped me learn how to make circuits and connect an LED to a battery correctly. The simple circuit I chose to make was the Klackerlaken. All you need to make this simple circuit is a bottle cap, little motor, LED, and a coin cell battery. The bottle cap is what the klackerlaken moves around on, the little motor is what causes the klackerlaken to move by vibrating the little guy, the LED is just a really fun little touch that gives the klackerlaken some character, and the coin cell battery is what allows the LED to light up and the little motor to move. The motor is connected to the battery by two little metal prongs; one prong goes on the positive side of the coin cell battery and the other prong goes on the negative side of the coin cell battery. The LED is connected to the battery by the two leads that come out of the bottom of the LED. The shorter of the two leads is the anode and lays against the positive side of coin cell battery while the longer of the two leads is the cathode and lays against the negative side of the coin cell battery. I kept both the motor and the LED connected to the coin cell battery by using some small, clear tape. I then used some clear double-sided tape to connect the coin cell battery to the bottle cap. Here is what it looked like when I finally got all of the pieces sticking together correctly:


Here is how it moved:

It mostly went in a circle but I think that’s because the LED was really big and offset the movement and the motor wasn’t exactly centered on the klackerlaken. I decided to use a 10mm LED because I had never seen an LED that big before and was curious about how well it would light up. It was awesome and I loved how my klackerlaken turned out.

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