Cardboard Robot

For our cardboard project Callie and I decided to make a posable robot out of cardboard. This is a task that seemed easy enough for us to get our feet wet in making but offered enough challenges to push us. This project started off with us drawing out the templates for each body part, pictured below:

Cardboard Robot 11  Cardboard Robot 12

Once we drew the templates we cut them out and traced the shapes onto the cardboard. We then cut out the pieces of cardboard with an exacto knife and scissors and started assembling the robot.

Cardboard Robot 5

In order to assemble the robot, we had to poke holes through the “joints” to insert the dowels that hold him together and make him posable.

Cardboard Robot 2  Cardboard Robot 10

After slowly getting his body put together we just needed the head to finish him up. Unfortunately, because we removed and reattached his body parts a lot while putting him together, we ended up wearing out the holes for the dowels so there wasn’t enough to hold him up. Therefore, he isn’t able to stand well unless he is leaning against something or is positioned perfectly. We decided that since he kept falling down and was clumsy looking we could make him into a gymnast.

Cardboard Robot 8

Obviously he has a lot of talent as a gymnast. We also decided to make him into a toy rag doll by putting a dowel in his claws and posts on the dowel to hold onto and flip him around the bar like a gymnast.

Cardboard Robot 7

So here is our final product. If I could do this project over again, I would use a drill to drill the holes for the “joints” and not wear them out during assembly. I would also cut out the body parts more precisely.

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