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UMW Club Soccer National Competition

UMW Club Soccer National Competition

I had the opportunity to play for the UMW Women’s Club Soccer team in the NIRSA national tournament in Phoenix, Arizona as a freshman. Traveling with the team and playing against high level opponents has given myself and the rest of the team confidence in our game and an experience we will never forget.

The Bullet is the University of Mary Washington’s newspaper. They wrote an article on our team heading to nationals in November. The link to the article is here:



Hey guys. I have started this website to share my art with the world. I realize that art is a broad term but there are many different styles when it comes to art. I love programming. I know many people would not think programming is an art but to me it is. I use it to express myself and occasionally fix problems. However, I also love to draw, sketch, and doodle. I will use this website to display examples of the art that I love to do. Hope you enjoy!